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Dernford is a Cambridge-based property company with an extensive investment portfolio, which is increasingly active in development and promotions of property.


A little about us

Led by former Januarys chairman Simon Dazeley, our heritage is deeply entwined with the former Cambridge commercial property consultancy firm, and the January family ties to the property market stand strong to this day through Dernford.

Family is important to us, and we extend that family outlook with likeminded investors and partners with whom we do business. We believe there is real value to developing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships as they, in turn, add value to deals. If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable partner, or just a friendly bunch to watch the rugby with, be sure to get in contact.



To learn of the heritage of Dernford, you must explore the history of Januarys.

Januarys was established by Douglas January, a local Cambridge property agent, and his wife in 1937. After the war, he developed the business and started developing property in his own right in the 60s and 70s.

During this time, Simon Dazeley’s father, Derek, had become one of his business partners and rapidly became involved in the property company interests that were enmeshed in Januarys. By the time of Douglas’ death in 1978, Januarys had become an active residential and commercial agency with a strong development orientation arising from the family’s parallel activities.

Back then, most of the properties were built under a separate company called Dernford – named after Dernford Farm in Sawston, which was owned by the January family.

Over the years, Dernford has slowly been teased apart from Januarys and has grown to become a standalone company in its own right. Staying true to the January family, Dernford is controlled by Douglas’ children. Libby January is the family representative and sits on the board alongside Derek and the company’s executives.


Joint Ventures/Affiliations

We are pleased to be in joint venture with CMP Projects in Learig Limited, which specialises in development and promotional activities, and with the Burrell Family in Proctor Investments. We are highly experienced in arranging and working within joint ventures and look forward to more affiliations going forwards.


Simon Dazeley

Managing Director
Simon has overall responsibility to the Board and Shareholders for the management of Dernford. He’s been a principal and an agent, and therefore sees both sides of the market in a balanced way.

David Foord

Financial Director
David is at the heart of all financial aspects at Dernford. He specialises in all areas of corporate finance and was appointed a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 2000.

Angela Wilkinson

Personal Assistant
Angela provides administrative support to Simon and is responsible for ensuring everything at the head office runs smoothly. She has previous experience as a Business Development Co-ordinator.

Derek Dazeley

Simon’s father, Derek, has a long history with the January family, having been one of Douglas January’s business partners in the firm Douglas L January & Partners. He now sits on the Board as Non-Executive Chairman.

Libby January

Libby is the daughter of Januarys founder Douglas January and is the family representative on the Board. Libby is an artist and lives in Warwickshire.
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