To stay or to go?


While it’s not Dernford’s policy to hold political bias, we are following the EU referendum debate with keen interest.

There is an overwhelming general consensus in all circles that the referendum vote will be extremely close. At Dernford, we believe it is more likely that the remain vote will win on 23 June.

We are fortunate to be operating in a very prosperous and stable environment in Cambridge. Dernford doesn’t buy in to the fear and hype surrounding the outcome of the vote and is confident that our country will continue to prosper whatever the result on Thursday.

We have no doubt that there will be a period of uncertainty that follows, but suspect that the authorities will respond by relaxing monetary policy, further quantitative easing and in turn making property all the more attractive as an asset class.

Aside from the initial period of uncertainty that we suspect will be caused, we are adopting a relaxed view of the outcome for our particular marketplace.

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